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Name App Lock Old Version (Recover Your Old Photos And Videos) App Lock Old Version (Recover Your Old Photos And Videos) is the most famous version in the App Lock Old Version (Recover Your Old Photos And Videos) series of publisher InShot Inc.
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Protecting Data with Outdated Technology

App Lock Old Version is a must-have utility for both Android and iOS users who want to keep their programmes safe and private.

It enables users to quickly secure their apps using a password, PIN, or pattern. You may also use App Lock Old Version to block access to your images, videos, messages, call logs, and other sensitive data.

What is App Lock?

App Lock is a feature found on many mobile devices that allows users to lock individual apps with a password, PIN, or pattern.

App Lock Mod

This assists in preventing unauthorised access to sensitive information and personal data. App Lock may be used to secure apps like banking and finance, email, social media, chat, and others.

App Lock Old Version Mod Features

  • Unlocked Premium features
  • Purchased Unlocked All features
  • Unlocked Color themes
  • Unlocked Intruder selfie
  • Unlocked Night mode
  • Unlocked Fake cover
  • Unlocked All Icon
  • Unlocked Keyboard
  • License removed Ad-free experience

Benefits of App Lock Old Version

Lock apps that were private

App Lock Old version is a security feature offered by many mobiles which allows users to lock apk that they don’t want other people to access.

Applock Modstorepro

The App Lock Old Version, which was published in 2012, allowed customers to simply set up a PIN number or pattern for their private applications.

Users had to input the right PIN or pattern to launch the app, preventing anybody else from accessing it. This was an efficient method of safeguarding personal data held in apps such as banking, messaging, and email.

Hide Notifications Using App Lock Apk Download Old Version

AppLock is a password-protected software that allows users to conceal alerts and secure personal data. Users may utilise AppLock to erase images, back up their applications, and safeguard original versions of any software they choose.

There are several solutions for safeguarding the photo and videos stored on your mobile device.

Yet, if you want to ensure the highest level of protection for your digital assets, making a fake gallery is a perfect solution.


Setting up numerous passwords is simple with the help of an app lock. An app lock enables users to create a unique password for each app loaded on their smartphone.

App Lock Old Version is the greatest app lock apk available, providing full protection and maximum security against unauthorised access.

Recovery Your Old Photos App Lock Mod Apk

This is an efficient technique to app lock erase photo backup old images since it protects users’ data while keeping the original programme intact.

It has several features that make it simple to lock your smartphone and safeguard its contents.

Lock And Unlock Separate All Categories

When it comes to App Lock, the original programme is an excellent approach to protect your device and data. You may restrict unwanted access to your device or any other app that is running on it by using an app lock.

App Lock Private

With the help of this feature, you can easily lock and unlock separate categories and applications with ease.

Take Images Of Any Intruders

Using an app lock original application is a great way to protect your privacy and keep your data secure. App lock originally allows users to set up a password, pin, or biometric authentication so that access to their sensitive data is protected.

It also has the ability to take images of intruders who try and access the protected information without authorization.

How to Download And Install App Lock Old Version

  • Open Your Browser And Open Site
  • Search And Download App Lock Old Version Apk File
  • After Download
  • Locate your APK file in your file explorer app and select App Lock Old Version Apk
  • The APK installer menu will appear—tap Install……..
  • Allow time for the app to install.
  • Tap Done or Open once the installation is complete.

Faqs Of Apk Locker Old Version

How does App Lock work?

Yes It’s Working 100%

App Locker Oldversion Vs App Locker Latest Version Who Is Best?

Old And New Versions All Version Is Best But the Latest Version Is Upgraded.

Conclusion App Locker Old Version

App Lock Old Edition is an excellent software for safeguarding your important data. It allows users to password-protect their programs and may also be used to erase undesirable photographs from backup storage.

It is an apk file that does not require installation and can be readily downloaded from the internet. The full edition of the software includes more capabilities like concealing private photographs and videos, setting up fingerprint or pattern locks, and so on.

Download ( 23.22 MB )

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